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Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

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This site has only true records and no fakes because all records can be verified by everybody! The purpose of this site is to store all records and best scores of all wii games in just one place!

If you wish another game or another category, just send an e-mail with the game name and its categories and we will add it!

Main Features


Several kinds of information on RSS: site news, all records submitted, records submitted on a specific game and records submitted by a specific user.


There are five kinds: all games, by console, by game, by category and by country. Can you beat the highest scores? Are you the best player on your country?

Player Page

Each player has its own page with all games and records submitted! Anyone can access this page (even non-registered users). Send your page to your friends!

Game List

All users may build their own game list and share with their friends. All games already launched over the world are there!

Friend Codes

Everybody can store their Friend Codes in just one page. It is useful when sending the URL to a friend without having to type all those codes again!